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THREEZ Company has successfully fulfilled contracts to supply over 800 public buildings and 300 schools throughout the Greater Jacksonville area. Our commitment to your success includes manufacturer direct pricing, competitor price matching, flexible payment options, and on-time delivery to your door. Unlike many of our competitors, we also give back to our local community.

Janitorial, Foodservice, Paper and Safety Supplies

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We are an authorized distributor of over 5,000 janitorial, food service, paper and safety supplies that are eco-friendly and competitively priced. We specialize in servicing large commercial contracts within the public and private sector.

Janitorial, Foodservice, Paper and Safety Supplies

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Introducing Blissful Paper Products.

ThreeZ Company has leveraged years of supply service experience to develop its own line of paper products specifically designed for institutional and retail customers.

Blissful Paper Products

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